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Template:View Source semi protected yes\Wikipedia The actual notes are in my closet with my tennis raquets on top of them, hard to get out. As for where I took the notes from, which book, I am not sure but perhaps it says in my closet under the raquets. If so, if I have time and space I will update this information. But clearly, if it is accurate it is probably general information that can be checked from other sources. For example, I updated my words, "about 486" to "486" by checking the story from Wikilopedia entry, "Syagrius." Syagrius being the great General Aegidius' son. If so famous a personage's son was the ruler of all North Gaul during this time period, clearly it was not a purely fly-by-night operation that we can ignore in the history books. And so, this dark age gradually comes alive! Then, since we post perhaps 496 or longer as the independent Roman rule, independent of Rome's new Ostrigothic rulers, and Autonomously Roman governed, of Trier -- then we are approaching the 6th century. Remember, the 6th century is sometimes thought to be the era of the Arthur story. But more importantly, less legendarily, we see that the reign of Justinian, the reqonquest of Italy and North Africa by the remaining Eastern portion of the Roman Empire, all this begins earlier than we thought, in the first half of the sixth century. That is 500's, not 600's as I (and perhaps people like me) had earlier thought. You see, 6th century refers not to 600's but 500's. And so, we have a continuity. And so, again, history comes alive, for us.